How Exterior Repainting Can Raise Property Values

Fading, peeling, or just plain ugly exterior paint can have a substantial negative impact on a building’s curb appeal. That’s not all it hurts, though. Property owners who are preparing to sell often find that they are able to get much better prices for their buildings once they’ve hired an aurora exterior painting company to freshen up their buildings’ looks.

More Economical Than Vinyl Siding

The most common alternative to repainting a home is to install vinyl siding. While this can look good, it tends to cost a good deal more than simply repainting the home’s existing siding. The money homeowners can save can then be put to good use making other repairs and renovations that can help to increase property value as well.

Makes Properties Look Well-Maintained

There’s nothing that turns potential buyers off more than a poorly-maintained property. If a commercial or residential building has old, peeling paint that hasn’t been replaced in a decade or more, it will speak volumes to buyers about the level of maintenance that has been going into the building in recent years. By hiring a painting service aurora property owners can put their buildings’ best feet forward.

First Impressions Matter

Sellers only get one opportunity to make a stellar first-impression on potential buyers, and a building’s exterior paint can really make or break that impression. It’s a wise idea to choose a color that will appeal to a wide array of buyers such as a shade of white or cream, but property owners may want to consider adding some visual appeal by using more striking colors for their window frames, trim, and other accents.

Make Properties Look Larger

When choosing a new color for exterior painting aurora property owners should take size into consideration. Light colors can be used to make smaller homes or businesses look bigger. Dark colors, on the other hand, can give larger buildings look smaller so that they appear to be a better fit for the lots they occupy.

Find the Right Company

When looking into painting companies to spruce up a home or commercial building’s exterior paint, it’s important to look for contractors that have plenty of experience and place a premium on customer satisfaction. Darlene Kay Painting offers all of that and more. Property owners looking for professional advice and professional results can trust their contractors to offer all the assistance necessary to get their properties looking their best before they sell.


When the time comes to choose professional painters, look no further than Darlene Kay Painting.

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